Walkthrough: Receive documents

After following this walkthrough your application will receive new e-invoices from eVerbinding with a PDF file Requirement: Walkthrough: Connect your application Step 1: Check for new invoices Use the call GetInboxDocuments with document filter on creation date (CreatedOn) and receive the list of new documents. Store the highest CreatedOn value as basis for the next check. For […]

Walkthrough: Send an invoice

After following this walkthrough your application will be able to send an invoice via eVerbinding and check the delivery-status. Requirement: Walkthrough: Connect your application Step 1: Create a XML e-invoice In the eVerbinding platform we talk about documents with templates. A document can be an invoice or an order based on […]

Walkthrough: Connect your application

After following this walkthrough your application will be connected via the eVerbinding API and this connection has been verified. Requirement: Getting started guide to connect to our webservice Step 1: Obtain user keys using the Quick connect button For more information about the quick connect button go to: Generating application security keys. There […]

E-invoicing routing Id

ReferenceId A ReferenceId is used to identify a party where a document is send to or received from. In general the party is a company. The ReferenceId is based on the ISO6523 codes translated to SchemeId used in PEPPOL or a eVerbinding CompanyID. Since the new European invoice norm EN-16931 […]

Document filters

There are three places where documents can exist: Draft documents. A document can be created before sending in a documents folder (GetDocuments). A document can be send and placed in the Outbox (GetOutboxDocuments) and a document can be received in a Inbox (GetInboxDocuments). The call’s GetDocuments, GetOutboxDocuments and GetInboxDocuments can select documents with the […]

Quick Connect

It is possible to enable the quick connect facility for your App. The flow When the “Quick Connect” button is clicked in the eVerbinding platform, this is what happens: #1 the keys are generated, #2 all the necessary data is pushed into the clipboard (copy&paste buffer) and #3 the webpage […]

Getting started

The SOAP 1.1 protocol is used over HTTP+SSL to communicate with the platform. The WSDL is Compliant to the Basic Profile Version 1.1. Transfer-Encoding=chunked is not supported. Step 1: Obtain the integration keys If you do not have an eVerbinding account, go to platform.everbinding.nl and register. Follow the instructions in to […]