Example of a SI 2.0 Invoice

Serval UBL simpler invoicing test files can be found at: https://github.com/SimplerInvoicing/testset To validate your file, could use the SimplerInvoicing Test tool: https://test.simplerinvoicing.org/validate

Overview of documents and templates

Documents in eVerbinding All documents are stored in XML and are linked to a template. The template defines the data-structure, views, validations, statuses and filters. Also none-XML document (like PDF) will be embedded into an XML document if defined in the template. The type of a document within eVerbinding is […]

Test environment

The test environment of eVerbinding for testing the app integration consists of two account with several users addes and test companies connected.  Apps connections can be added and tested. To get access to this environment you need to be invited by eVerbinding. For a invitation we need a email address […]