The API’s GetInboxDocuments, GetOutboxDocuments and GetDocuments return a list of one or more documents.

Document fields
Fieldname Description
ExternalId Unique ID for Inbox and Outbox documents
DocumentId Unique ID for document that is not send (Not in Inbox or Outbox)
CreatedOn Creationdatetime of document or the senddate of document
ModifiedOn Modificationdatetime of document. For Inbox and Outbox documents this date is changed when the status of the document is changed
Sender Information about the sender (only used for documents in Inbox and Outbox)
Receiver Information about the receiver (only used for documents in Inbox and Outbox)
Status Status of the document. Status can be a generic status as descibed in template or specific like in Invoice document
Template Template used to create the document
Transaction Technical information


    <DocumentId />
        <Name>eVerbindung Test  Company B.V.</Name>
        <Name>eLien Test Company B.V.</Name>

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