Error handling

The API calls return error data that your client application can use to identify and resolve runtime errors. If an error occurs during the invocation of most API calls, then the API returns a SOAP fault message with an associated errorcode.

Errors result in a HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error with a SOAP Fualt that contains the faultstring

Connection errors

Expired Security Token


Ivalid Security Token

Invalid consumer key or no such app available in registry [ERRIAU6000007].

Account blocked errors

De omgeving is momenteel geblokkeerd omdat er openstaande facturen zijn. Betaal deze om de omgeving te deblokkeren. [ERRPRO1000002]

De omgeving is momenteel geblokkeerd omdat je saldo negatief is. Waardeer het saldo op om de omgeving te deblokkeren. [ERRPRO1000003]

De omgeving is momenteel geblokkeerd door onjuist gebruikt van onze dienstverlening. [ERRPRO1000004]

The user has to take action to unblock the account. After unblocking everything will continue to work.

Request format errors

Problem with namespace or not matching namespaces

The namespace used for the API is not supported. [ERRCDO4000041].

This error is thrown if the SOAP request does not contain valid name spaces or when the request does noet match the SOAPAction.

XML not valid

Server returned error. Please check after some time. [ERRIER8000006].

General format of error message

The error message containt the description and the code in the following format.

<Message> [ <errorcode> ]

You can parse the complete message with: ^(?’Desciption’.*)\[(?’ErrorCode’.*)\].*

Format of errorcodes


ERR: Constant Prefix
OPCODE: Represents module or operation name
SERIES: Type of an error specified below
ID : Identifier(Auto Number)

Error series

100 – Warning/Prompt series
200 – Functional Operation Failures (Function errors / Internal errors)
300 – Permission/Access Control
400 – Data Validation
600 – Authentication Fail series
800 – Communication Failures series
900 – Unknown series


ERRIAU6000007  Invalid consumer key or no such app available in registry


OPCODE Module/Operation Name
ACC Account
AIR App Integration Request
AST Asset
ATT Attachment
BPM BPM Mapping
CAC Cache
CAP Collabrr Apps
CDO Common Data Operation
COF Create Outbox For
COL Collaboration
CON Consignment
CFO Common File Operations
CMX Common Mail Exchange
CNI Connection Info
CPO Common Persistance Operation
CNV Conversation
CTH Conversion Task
DGS Digest Subscription
DMN Document
DMR Document Rule
DST Data Set
DTC Discussion Thread Comments
DTD Discussion Thread
DTM Document Template
EAU External Authentication
FDR Folder
FTR Filters/Views
GDT Gallery Document Template
GRP Groups
IAU Internal Authentication
IDS Inbox Document Status
IDX Solar/Index
IER Internal Error
LEC Company/Legal Entity
MFR Mail Forwarder
MTM Mail Template
NTP Notification Preferences
OXA Oxalis
PAY Payment
PPL Peppol
PRC Process Connections/Instances
PTR Partner
RAP Registered Apps
REV Revisions
REG Registration
SCP Search Company
SDF Send Doc For
SHR Share Resource
SND Send Document
STS Status
SYT Style Template
TSK Task
TRN Transaction
USR User
OBR Outbound Request
PRP Pricing Plan

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