App security keys

The authentication of the API connection is based on the two security keys provided via the platform website: or There are two way for generating keys. A user can generate the keys for there own administration (App Integrations) or a accountant can ask a customer permission to access the users administration (App Integration Requests). The accountant must have additional rights to do this,

Generate keys as a user

To generate the keys as user go to Connections. To be able to use this function you must be advanced user. The first user that created the account is advanced user and can make the new users advanced user. After changing the role of the user this needs to login again to see the added functionality.

Select one of the published applications with New Generic App. In case of a private application connection or the development of a new software connection use New Own App.

Genarate Key For Own App
Genarate Key For Own App
Genarate Key For Generic App
Genarate Key For Generic App

With the Generic App the App name is already filled in. With the Own App you can select the app name and the additional rights your App needs (API Permissions Show Details Edit Details). In the Own App you can also add your own logo.

Generate keys as an accountant

To generate the keys as user go to Connections. Ask a customer for access to there administration New App Integration Requests.


After sending the request and accepting the request by the customer the keys can be copied.


Quick Connect

It is also possible to automate the copy and paste process with the quick-connect button. More information can be found on the quick connect page.

API Permissions

Permissions can be set per API function. A Generic App has predefined permissions. The permissions of a Own App can be changed.


The permissions can be set with Edit Details. The scope is connected to the API function.


If the permission is not set for the specific API function you will get the following error: SecurityToken scope in request is not available for this key [ERRCDO4000011]




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