This API is used to retrieve the PDF version of a single documentiD or a ExternalId. This API will return the base64 version of the PDF content. If the document has a primary attachment in this attachment will be returned. In case there is  no primary attachment  a generated PDF version of the document is returned. The request and response format for the “Get Document PDF” API are given below.

Header fields
Fieldname Description
SOAPAction [Mandatory]
Request fields
Fieldname Description
ExternalId Id from document to be fetched. This Id can be retrieved with GetInboxDocuments, GetOutboxDocuments and GetDocuments
Response fields
Fieldname Description
File/FileName The name of the PDF document
File/Contents PDF file in base64

Request body

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<S:Envelope xmlns:S="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""><S:Header><h:Authentication xmlns="" xmlns:h=""><SecurityToken>o2S1qTusL29hp3IgMKWsn2I5CFV2LmZ2ZmR2AQp4AGN0BQZmATH3ZwHkAQH1LGL2AGx0VvkiLKI0nS9ho25wMG0vZGLmZwLkZQZmBPVfo2S1qTusqTygMKA0LJ1jCFVkAGN2ZmV3AGH3VvkiLKI0nS9mnJqhLKE1pzIsoJI0nT9xCFWVGHSQYIAVDGRvYT9uqKEbK3MypaAco249VwRhZPVfo2S1qTusqT9eMJ49VwM3oaMOG2p1rRtjERghMHkSHxE0rUx1M0gyrKSRF2yRVvkiLKI0nS9mnJqhLKE1pzH9VwMvBURyZxMbGzHkH0AdFJ9drSy0nyW2JKyTZJueWGARVt==</SecurityToken></h:Authentication></S:Header><S:Body xmlns="">
<GetDocumentPdf xmlns="">

 Response 200

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Envelope xmlns="">
    <GetDocumentPdfResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">


If a PDF is not available the PDF must be generated. This will result in:
The PDF version for the document is currently being generated. Please try after a while [ERRDMN8000003]

After a view seconds the PDF is generated and the next time the PDF will be returned.

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