Overview – Invoice document


An invoice has the MastertemplateId: GLDT9223370666504283001RA000000006DTP2000001 and name Factuur (Dutch for invoice).

Used standard

An invoice document in the eVerbinding platform is based on the SimplerInvoicing UBL (SI-UBL) invoice standard. See Standaardisatieplatform e-factureren. Every 6-12 months there will be updates of this standard, where the newest two versions must be supported by all participants.

Besides the XSD (which is based on the UBL standard) there are additional schematron validations which are provided in schematron files or in the XSLT file which is created from the schematron files. These files can be found on the Github of SimplerInvoicing there are also example available.
There are no fatal errors allowed for the document to be send. Warnings are accepted but are there for a reason.

We advise to test the SI-UBL document during development via the email address: validatethis@simplerinvoicing.org

It is advised to include a PDF file as additional document with the PrimaryImage-tag. Most of the receiving software will show this document to their end user. This gives control in what the end user sees. Of course the details of the PDF must be fully equal to the details in the XML.


This document type can have the following  statuses after receiving in the inbox. This status is also shown in the outbox.

Desciption Code
Opgeslagen (Stored) – Automatically set by the platform 05
Ontvangen (Received) 10
Geopend (Opened) 20
Gedownload (Downloaded) – Automatically set by the platform 30
Ter goedkeuring (For Approval) 35
Goedgekeurd (accepted) 40
Afgekeurd (rejected) 50
Betaalbaar gesteld (payable) 60
Betaald (payed) 70

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