Procurement Service Bus Overview

The Procurement Service Bus provides a cloud managed connection to the PEPPOL network. Specially designed for large volumes and low latency with automatic scaling. Build with redundancy and high availability in mind. The shared cloud approach is centrally monitored for optimal utilization and predictable costs. Additional services are available, like target-transformation, automatic retry and party discovery.

The Procurement Service Bus is more than just an AccessPoint As A Service (APAAS). We connect the PEPPOL network with the enterprise systems.

Self-explaining API with OpenAPI UI

The interface is based on REST with OAUTh 2.0 layer. The API’s are self explanatory¬† and made visible with the OpenAPI UI.¬†The swagger.json file can be download on top of the openAPI UI main page and can be used to generate code for several languages. If you choose to generate code, we recommend using OpenApi Generator.

Walktrough (Getting started)

Start with the Procurement Service Bus WalkTrough.

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