Release notes API v3.1

With API v3 we deliver the following improvements:

  • New namespace:;
  • Subscription-based access and monitoring has been implemented and is mandatory;
  • Corrected typo in Document, DocumentSearch and DocumentDetails response.  Reciever is renamed into Receiver;
  • Improved scalability backend;
  • Solved issue with HTTP header problem and using quotes.    (charset: utf-8 vs charset: “utf-8”);
  • GetAccountDetails also returns ProfileImage. This value contains a link to the logo used for the account;
  • GetParty can also be used with EConnectPartyId
  • New calls RequestAppIntegration and RequestAppIntegrationCredentials
  • New call GetAdvisedInvoiceRecipientId . Checking for the best RecipientID for sending documents.

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