Test environment

The test environment of eVerbinding for testing the app integration consists of two account with several users addes and test companies connected.  Apps connections can be added and tested. To get access to this environment you need to be invited by eVerbinding. For a invitation we need a email address for every account and the email address must come from a general, not company bound, domain like gmail.com or outlook.com. You can send these addressed to TechSupport@everbinding.nl with a explanation why you need access.

The companies in the account are manual created note existing companies with fake chamber of commerce numbers.


See the documentation about API connection  for creating your App. In Generating application security keys is explained how to get the keys for connecting you App to this test environment.

After adding the new user and creating a App connection documents can be create, received, send and shared between the companies and users in the two accounts. This test environment must be used for testing between the two accounts and the test companies. Don’t use this account for sending documents to other companies than these test companies.

Please use during registration and activation of your users and App names that explain who you are and what App your are connecting (user, software and company name).

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