Quick Connect

It is possible to enable the quick connect facility for your App.


The flow

When the “Quick Connect” button is clicked in the eVerbinding platform, this is what happens:
#1 the keys are generated,
#2 all the necessary data is pushed into the clipboard (copy&paste buffer) and
#3 the webpage of the application is opened (this is optional).

On the webpage of the online softwarepartner the user only has to paste (CTRL+V) this data in a field on this page. This saves the user switching between windows for copying all the required data. You can find a nice implementation example here https://mailer.everbinding.nl/

In case of on-premise software the clipboard is accessible (for the software) all the time and just activating the window can be the trigger for the software to read the clipboard and establish the secure connection.

How does this technically work?

The buffer has the following format for a normal user:

APP_KEY:{key};SECRET_KEY:{key};EMAIL_ID:{email address}

If the key is created via a App Integration Requests the company is added to the buffer. This function is for connecting customer administrations by a accountant.

APP_KEY:{key};SECRET_KEY:{key};EMAIL_ID:{email address};COMPANY_ID:{ID line XCNL10017}

The values can be parsed with the following regular expression:



Note: This ‘QuickConnect’ feature only possible for generic App’s set by eVerbinding.

General information on connecting your App can be found on: Generating application security keys

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