Walkthrough: Connect your application

After following this walkthrough your application will be connected via the eVerbinding API and this connection has been verified.

RequirementGetting started guide to connect to our webservice

Step 1: Obtain user keys using the Quick connect button

For more information about the quick connect button go to: Generating application security keys.

There is a possibility to enable a Quick Connect button for a App. This button will place the necessary information in the Copy/Past buffer and can open a link to the application where the buffer can be pasted and processed.

The format of the quick-connect buffer is:

APP_KEY:{key};SECRET_KEY:{key};EMAIL_ID:{email address};COMPANY_ID:{ID line XCNL10017};

This keyset is used for authentication. It gives access to the account and has the rights of the user that has created the keys. This user must have rights to the documents you want to process. To be able to process documents for a company the user must have rights to the company (being a member). Not every user in an account has rights to every company in the account.

The best way to store the keys is per administration/company. This gives the user the possibility to place companies in separate account or to stop a connection for a specific administration/company.
We advise bigger companies to create a fictive useraccount to the connection for easier management of the connection rights.

Step 2: Obtain SecurityToken

With the call Login we obtain the SecurityToken with is used as authorization during the next call. This key defines the security context and defines the call’s that are possible. The SecurityToken must be used in the soap header in the next calls. The SecurityToken has a limited time that it can be used. It is advised to request a new token within 4 hours with a new Login or obtain a new SecurityToken for every session.

More information: Use SecurityToken in SOAP header

Step 3: Obtain PartyId

After a successful login the user needs to be able to select the party (company) available in the account. To get a list of companies use the call GetAccountParties to generate -for example- a drop-down list to select a Party. If there is no company returned with this call the user has no access to a company or there is no company available in this account.

If the context of the party is available via a EConnectPartyId, for example the XCNL100019, then you can use the GetParty to get more information.

Step 4: Validate connection values

When the call GetAccountParties in Step 3 is working without authentication error the connection is established succesfully.


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